OTR Weekend Volume 2

Old Time Radio Weekend is a collection of shows in various formats. You can choose the show that fits your mood as you peruse the collection. Our life today is complicated and stressful, allow old time radio to transport you to a world of carefree wonder.

These old-time radio files have been run through an audio editor to remove background noise, pull up volume where needed, and bring the voices of past stars back down to earth, victims of inept compression.  There are two hour-long theatricals and 12 half-hour productions to parse out over a two-day weekend, i.e., six halves topped by one hour-long show. Four comedies (Bold Venture’s dry humor included)  variety shows.  A couple of detective shows. Two sci-fi, one biography, a classic play, and a classic movie, so something for everyone.  I would have put in a western, but so many of those files are in relatively good shape due to the enduring popularity of the genre.  Orson Welles fans rejoice: three of these shows feature his immortal voice. The Bold Venture, Black Museum, and Lux Theater episodes were chipmunked, needing speed decreased to normal, so Ms.’ Bacall & Colbert, and Mrs. Gable, Bogart, and Welles got their natural deeper voices back.  Barrie Craig, Harry Lime, and Dr Kildare suffered low volume.  All tracks got the background noise of old LPs reduced as much as possible. The shows are below.

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